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Prof. Doron Aurbach

Energy, Chemistry

Aharon and Rachel Dahan Nano-Energy Center

Main Research Areas

  • The electrochemistry of active metals.
  • The electrochemistry of polar aprotic systems.
  • Development of spectroscopic methods (in situ and ex situ) for sensitive electrochemical systems (FTIR, AFM, EQCM, STM, XRD, EIS, Raman).
  • Development of rechargeable high energy density batteries (Li, Mg, Li ion).
  • Basic studies of electrochemical intercalation processes (active metal ions into carbonaceous materials and transition metal oxides and sulfides).
  • Electrochemistry of modified electrodes, development of sensors.
  • The study and improvement of electrocoloring processes for aluminum surfaces
  • Carbon engineering and electrochemistry, R&D of EDL capacitors.
  • Electronically conducting polymers.



  • 2012 - The ICS Prize for Exellence
  • 2011 - The Landau Prize for Green Chemistry
  • 2007 - The Edwards Company Prize of the Israel Vacuum Society (IVS) for research Excellence
  • 2005 - The Technology Award of the Battery Division of the Electrochemical Society (ECS).


  • Ph.D. - Physical Organic Chemistry (with the highest distinction). Bar-Ilan University, Israel - Sept. 1983.
    Doctoral Dissertation -  "Nucleophilic Reactions with Substituted Bicyclobutanes". (Supervisor: Prof. S. Hoz).
  • M.Sc. - Physical Organic Chemistry (Summa cum Laude), Bar-Ilan University, Israel - July 1980.
  • B.Sc. - Chemistry (Magna cum Laude) Bar-Ilan Univ., Israel - June 1978.
    Chemical Engineering, Technion (Summa cum Laude) - May 1982.

My Students

My Recent Publications 

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